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Rain Insurance

Rain InsuranceCan your event afford to be rained-out?
Rain insurance coverage protects any outdoor event from lost revenues due to the occurrence of rain (i.e., reduced ticket sales, concessions, etc). Furthermore, this unique coverage can also be structured to recover any un-recoverable expenses that your event may liable for even though it is rained out (i.e., featured entertainment, venue costs, corporate sponsorships, etc.).

The Insured can structure a policy to protect any single and/or multi-day event as well as seasonal type coverage (i.e., summer months, etc.) from the negative effects of adverse weather (i.e., concert series, golf courses, etc.).

All-Weather Insurance Agency will provide you with a customized rain insurance program tailored to meet the needs of any given event - Weather Proof Your Event!

  • Products like rain-accumulation or rain-free-hours will allow your organization the ability to stabilize your bottom line.

    Rain-Accumulation coverage allows the insured the ability to select an increment of total rain accumulation that they feel negatively impacts their event (i.e. ¼", ½", etc.) over a selected time period without regard to the number of times rain begins and ends during the covered hours.

    Rain-Free or Dry Hours coverage allows the insured the ability to select a number of hours within a given time period in which there is no rain accumulation (i.e., six hours out of a nine hour period during an event). An o'clock hour in which the agreed upon threshold is not exceeded (i.e., if the selected rain free threshold is 1/100" (.01) inch, rainfall within a 60 minute period (an o'clock hour) must meet or exceed that increment in order to be considered rainfall). Choice of threshold for this product is 1/100", 2/100", 3/100" or 5/100".
  • Choose the date(s), hours of coverage, limit of insurance (un-recoverable expenses, revenue at risk or event profits) and let All-Weather Insurance Agency do the rest. Please note that these inputs are critical in determining the rates for your coverage.
  • Policy pays the agreed value if the specified weather condition occurs no gross receipts needed - premium must be paid in full 14 days in advance.
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